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catch my cool cold, i'm about to sneeze
catch my cool cold
i'm about to sneeze
  • July 27, 2011 10:15 pm

    Get Skinny! Hit the Gym

    Let me make one thing clear: I don’t work out.

    However, no Get Skinny! plan would be complete without some exercise. So I found a gym near my apartment, lugged my workout gear to work (which had been neglected for, oh, I don’t know… 6 months?), and after work, I begrudgingly exercised for an hour and a half.

    I have never worked out in a New York City gym before, so this was a big learning experience. Here are a few things I discovered today:

    1. You must already be skinny to exercise in public. Everyone in this gym was tan, toned, and glistening. There must be secret gyms for people who need to get skinny before they can work out in public. Where are these secret gyms???

    2. You must have cute workout clothes. I was not dressed to impress, and boy did I regret it. I looked homeless and lost in my faded black sweats and baggy college t-shirt next to all these exercise goddesses in their workout underwear. I will be shopping soon.

    3. The gym is a meat market. The sexual tension in this facility was palpable. I mean, duh! It’s filled with half-naked gorgeous people who are getting all riled up on treadmills and weight machines. If anyone has any tips on gym flirting, please let me know. I doubt I was succeeding. I mean how could I—I didn’t visit a secret gym beforehand and don’t own workout underwear. Ugh.

    Now I know the rules of NYC gym-ing. But honestly they should do PSAs on this stuff. That way unathletic girls from Georgia won’t stumble into these situations looking a hot mess.