cool is contagious

catch my cool cold, i'm about to sneeze
catch my cool cold
i'm about to sneeze
  • January 20, 2012 4:30 pm

    What I’m Liking on the Internets This Week

    • Shit New Yorkers Say - I’d like to thank Kevin for introducing me to Matt Cherette’s Tumblr last week. This dude is obsessed with Revenge, cute animals, and middle aged women on reality shows, so I basically love everything he posts. This little gem is my fave of the “shit that ____ say” meme. 
    • I am a Bad Person" on Hello Giggles - Like I can’t even. This basically describes by past two years of dating.
    • Off to the Races" by Lana Del Rey - I know homegirl was a hot mess on SNL, but I am totally digging this song.
    • Little piggy chillin in the sun
    • This bathing suit from Urban Outfitters - It’s wayyyy too early and I’ve accumulated too much winter insulation to be thinking about lounging on a beach, but this is too cute for school.

    Oh and this! Gahh!

  • September 10, 2011 11:03 am

    Payday Splurge: Cute Skirt

    Let me start by saying the term “splurge,” is going to be used very loosely in this post. As you may recall from my last entry, I don’t got no monies. But yesterday being payday and all, I decided to treat myself.

    After work, I hit up Forever 21 in search of a $3 bracelet or something. After spending almost an hour wandering around the store—which was packed with crazed shoppers—I decided I had to leave. Forever 21 can be a very high stress environment if you’re just trying to browse casually.

    My anxiety and craving for some cheap find was raging, so I stumbled into Urban Outfitters. I first grabbed these highwaist cigarette jeans that I’d been coveting for some time. When I finally tried them on, I almost vomited in the dressing room. No way, ma’am. Disheartened, I ventured toward the SALE section—where usually everything is picked over, ripped/stained, ugly, or still kinda expensive.

    But lo and behold, this little gem from Alice Ritter's "Piplette" line for UO catches my eye. High waist? Check! Color that doesn’t confuse me? Check! Pockets? Double check!

    Okay and here’s the kicker: This skirt was originally $69. But it was on double-sale for $14!!!

    I rushed to try it on, and when I failed to vomit, I knew I had found my payday “splurge.”