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catch my cool cold, i'm about to sneeze
catch my cool cold
i'm about to sneeze
  • September 25, 2011 8:14 pm

    "I Always Stay at the Algonquin"

    So I may have fibbed a little when I said fabulous things never happen to me here. In fact, I actually fibbed a lot because my first introduction to New York City was completely fabulous. And it’s all thanks to my Aunt Ruthie.

    When I was 8 years old, my godmother, Ruthie, took her niece Dottie, my mom, and me on a whirlwind tour of New York City. We saw Broadway shows (Annie and Titanic to name a few), ate at fancy French restaurants (Cafe Un Dex Trois was our personal fav), and we stayed at the Algonquin Hotel. Needless to say, I was feeling very New York fabulous.

    My second trip to NYC was also thanks to Aunt Ruthie. This time I was 13 and my little sister, Margaret Ann, was along for the ride. We ate again at Un Dex Trois. We saw The Lion King (which Margaret Ann could have given two flips about) and The Producers. To this day I do not think I have ever heard Margaret Ann laugh more uncontrollably than she did at The Producers—she gave them a standing ovation after ever number. Too cute. And of course we stayed at the Algonquin again, but this time we were magically upgraded to a suite. Super fab.

    Having been so spoiled by these two Aunt Ruthie fabulous trips to New York, I was a little surprised when my third trip to the city didn’t prove to be quite as fab. I went on a 9th grade drama trip. The trip was so much fun and in no way were be bumming it, but it did lack that Aunt Ruthie touch. On the flight to NYC that time, my mother overheard me saying to one of my friends:

    "Whenever I go to New York, I always stay at the Algonquin.”

    HA! I am the worst!

    Since moving to New York though, I do not frequent Cafe Un Dex Trois, the Algonquin, or Broadway for that matter. But when my mama and Aunt Ruthie came and visited back in August, I had the chance to relive a little of that Aunt Ruthie fabulous from my childhood. We saw Follies and Anything Goes. We had drinks in the Algonquin lobby. And I ate so much incredible food in the three days they were here that I swear I didn’t eat for a week after.

    Being a tourist with them for a few days was truly a treat. And when it was all over, it dawned on me that Aunt Ruthie was entirely to blame for my moving to New York.

    I love me some fabulous—what can I say!

  • September 20, 2011 10:54 pm

    Feeling a Little New York Fabulous

    Or the time I changed New York Fashion Week forever.

    Or not.

    This may come as a complete shock, but I rarely have the chance to do something truly fab. When I moved to the Big City I had dreams of dashing around in too-high heels and hailing cabs to meet wealthy, yet charming investment bankers. We would eat dinners that cost more than my outfit and go to art gallery openings.

    Well I’ve been here for over four months, and I don’t know a single investment banker. I think a $15 brunch is exorbitant. And I haven’t been to any art gallery openings…


    Last Monday I finally had a New York fabulous moment.

    My roommate John texted me last Saturday to ask if I’d be willing to do the vocals for a track he was mixing. I literally lolzed at the thought of singing anything that would be recorded. But when John explained that I was just to read a script, AND that this track was for a super awesome video that his buddy (Greko Sklavounos) was making for a collaboration event with a fashion designer (yes, his friends are also way fab) I couldn’t say “YES!” fast enough.

    When I showed up to John’s office to make my music debut/change the fashion world forever, he and his buddy explained that it was really easy—all I needed to was just say a few words in a sexy, whisper voice.

    To which, I lolzed some more.

    But I gave it my all because the key to being fabulous (especially New York fabulous) is never to let people know you’re completely ridiculous. Which I completely was.

    Then came Monday night—the big event.

    Just so we’re clear this was an event for designer Brian Lichtenberg (umm… anyone seen "Telephone"? Yeah, the caution tape was him) hosted by Cassie with a special DJ set by Peaches. Oh and all of this took place at Le Bain at the Standard. While many New York fabs may shrug at all this and say “whatevs,” bear in mind my Monday nights are typically spent envying skinny girls at the gym or wandering around Whole Foods.

    So I show up to Le Bain that night after spending 45 frantic minutes trying to throw together an outfit. The party was filled with dozens of skinny, twenty-something New York fabs. Each of them wearing their best “whatevs” face. I, on the other hand, was visibly mesmerized by the incredible view and $15 well drinks.

    They finally showed the beautiful video that John and Greko created. My voice was (thankfully!) mixed and molded so it sounded super cool and not at all ridiculous. With my anxiety relieved, I was able to enjoy the rest of the party and pretend like I belonged there.

    Then came the best moment of all…

    As I was leaving, a seven foot blonde goddess stopped me and said, “Ohhhemmmgeee, I love your dress!” (It was a skirt, but hey, you don’t contradict these kind of people.) I blushed. She continued, “Ugh and your bun is too cute! You just look fabulous!”

    And I was, for a moment, a little New York fabulous.