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catch my cool cold, i'm about to sneeze
catch my cool cold
i'm about to sneeze
  • February 3, 2012 4:50 pm

    What I’m Liking on the Internets This Week

    • Mustache pacifier - Thanks to Mike for introducing me to Pintrest for boys and this ADORABLE infant accessory. Finally your kid can be as hip as you are.  
    • The Only Way is Essex - I don’t know about you, but ever since The Hills went off the air, there’s been a deep, dark void in my life. It has finally been filled by these British darlings. Plus all two seasons are FO FREE on Hulu. So that’s what I’m doing this weekend…
    • Cookie-stuffed cookies - Ever find yourself eating a cookie and think, “Man I wish this had just a little more cookie!” Me too. So Monday a crew from work solved this problem. The sinful results pictured below. 
    • Food on My Dog - Thanks again to Kevin for this gem. 
    • Deliciously snarky tumbl - Courtesy of my President. I can’t even. This is great.

  • July 5, 2011 8:15 pm

    Mama Says: “We Must Be Livin Right!”

    "We must be livin right!": An exclamation of joy. Typically reserved for scoring an excellent parking spot at the mall.

    I’m not sure if other mothers do this, but on more than one occasion, my mama has used my sister and me as human traffic cones to reserve parking spots in the midst of the Christmas shopping frenzy.

    I want you to take a minute to picture this scene: “Girls! See that spot over there? Y’all run out and stand there till I drive around.” My little sister (let’s say age 4) and I (age 8) dutifully hop out of the car, dart through traffic filled with crazed holiday shoppers who are in no mental state to be operating a vehicle, and stand in the chosen spot. Despite the fact that we are young children (no doubt sporting adorable matching reindeer sweaters), we are accosted more than once by a shopper whose bloodshot eyes and verbal abuse (“Get out of that parking spot! It’s Christmas God-dammit!”) seem ironic as "Christmas Shoes" blares from his radio. Finally, however, our mama pulls into  the parking spot to save us. We are promptly rewarded with cookies.

    Turning her children into human traffic cones is unpleasant (and quite frowned upon). That’s why when my mother scores a terrific parking spot without resorting to human sacrifice, she proudly exclaims—“We must be livin right!” Yes, Mama. Yes, we are.